About GEMS

Growth & Employment in States (GEMS) Nigeria

Growth and Employment in States (GEMS) is an employment project supported by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment (FMTI) and funded by the World Bank and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID). The project is aimed at job creation and increased non-oil growth in specific high potential value chain sectors. DFID is providing a grant of £90 million and the World Bank a concessionary loan of $160 million. GEMS will achieve an overall internal rate of return of 48%.

A key target is the creation of at least 100,000 jobs directly in the selected sectors. The program targets at least six economic sectors and aims to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Summary of project components

Based on a Growth and Employment study, six industries were identified for intervention in order to improve the value chain, create wealth and reduce poverty. The six industries are Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Entertainment, Wholesale and Retail, Construction and Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism, and Meat and Leather. The project is flexible, and will adapt to market changes and new opportunities for growth potential.

The project can be summarized in three main pillars that together aim to create employment and growth in the non-oil sector. These are:

The project will provide for investments to address gaps that prevent key growth centers from expanding and hiring more Nigerians, in particular the young and poor.
The project will support Small and Medium Enterprises develop new business models, trainthe labor force to enable Nigerian businesses to participate more successfully in national and global supply chains, create more value in Nigeria, and employ more Nigerians.
The project will improve the business enabling environment so that businesses can grow faster, and become more profitable.