GEMS2 | Construction & Real Estate

GEMS2 promoted the growth of Nigeria’s construction and real estate sector, in order to increase incomes and employment opportunities of those working in the sector. 

The project is now closed.  For any questions regarding GEMS2 please contact Raji Rajan at

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What did GEMS2 do?

Improved vocational skills of artisans, unskilled workers, and youth to address skills shortages amongst Nigerian workers

Strengthened advocacy skills to help bring about changes in government policies and industry structures and create a better business environment

Facilitated innovative partnerships between the private sector and government in order to enable new construction projects and promote sector growth

Linked workers with employers, to contribute to steadier employment and higher incomes for workers and to save companies time and effort in looking for skilled workers

Improved the quality of construction inputs, such as concrete blocks and wood, in order to lengthen the lifetimes of buildings and other infrastructure

Encouraged the participation of women in the construction sector, so that they can benefit from sector growth

Improved the efficiency and productivity of manufacturers supplying construction sites, so they can expand their businesses, hire more workers, and raise wages

Grew construction companies’ business and technical skills so they can reduce costs, grow revenues, and contribute to sector growth