GEMS4 | Wholesale & Retail

GEMS4 Overview

GEMS 4 seeks to improve income and employment opportunities within Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable.

The project aims to create and sustain 10,000 full time equivalent jobs and increase incomes for 500,000 people.

GEMS4 Strategy

While Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector is growing quickly, inefficiencies within the distribution chain have resulted in lower prices for producers, lower wages for employers, lower profits for businesses and a higher cost of living for consumers. GEMS 4 seeks to tackle the underlying inefficiencies in the system and work towards promoting pro-poor growth in the sector.

The project is working with business associations, service providers, producers, retailers, wholesalers and other actors involved in the market, linking them so they work together and serve each other better. Additionally, the project is building local capacity and changing market incentives so the sector better meets the long-term needs of the poor.

GEMS4 is currently working in Lagos state and will ultimately span Kano, Kaduna and Cross River states.

Empowering Women

Women play a significant role within Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector. They are also more likely to be vulnerable to the effects of poverty than men.

A focus on gender and women’s economic empowerment is therefore built directly into GEMS4’s design phase to ensure that growth of the wholesale and retail sector is accompanied by widened economic opportunities for women.