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The “GEMS1 Voices” series shares project impact feedback and other information from the entrepreneurs, service providers, business membership organizations and other actors we work with.

  • First time feed fishing women entrepreneurs, Hajiya Habiba and Laraban Ali, share their experiences with GEMS1… more

  • GEMS1 interviews feed finishing entrepreneurs at Dawakin Tofa Town in rural Kano State. All are hitherto experienced in traditional fattening of small ruminants for Salah (Eid) but this is their first time on feed finishing… more

  • It’s their first time participating in goat feed finishing for Salah. Yarkuna Alhassan, Chairperson of the Sarina Women’s Cooperative provides GEMS1 with feedback from the group… more

  • Farmers, livestock owners and community leaders from peri-urban and rural areas of Kano State share their experiences from the GEMS1 2012 and 2013 feed finishing campaigns… more
  • Paravets Aliyu Kabir and Muse Ahmed Dederi participating in the 2012 and 2013 GEMS1 feed finishing promotion campaigns briefly describe their experiences… more

  • Murtala Mohammed is one of over 70 active paravets participating in GEMS1 livestock feed finishing promotion campaigns. The Project accompanies him on a services visit to feed finishing farmer clients at Dawakin Tofa Town in rural Kano State… more

  • Mona Matthews is a Leather Products Company based in Lagos founded in 2002 by designer, CEO and fashion opinion leader, Abimbola Azeh (popularly known as ‘Mona’). GEMS1 meets Mona at her Gallery in St. Anthony’s Village… more

  • GEMS1 catches up with Chris Ezeokoli at his outlet in Mushin, Lagos. Chris is a young, self-taught leather products designer and manufacturer with a growing reputation for quality leather products featuring a unique stitch… more
  • GEMS1 visits Lagos to interview Finished Leather Goods (FLG) brand owners David Ibe and Haowa Bello at their galleries. The Project is inter alia supporting their Lagos Business Membership Organization, the Leather Fashion Designers Association (LFDA), to strengthen brand owner networking to resolve business constraints, facilitate information and idea sharing, and advocate for changes needed to improve their business environment… more
  • Concessional finance facilitated by GEMS1 has had a significant on business growth and improved living standards. GEMS1 presents interview feedback from three Finished Leather sub-sector enterprise loan recipients in Kano… more
  • Alhaji Wada Dandago is the founder and owner of the Dandago Agro Machinery Company in Kano. The business manufactures several agricultural machinery products, the most popular of which is the small model crop shredder for producing regular livestock feed. This technology has several positive impacts… more
GEMS1 Results Measurement (RM) Assistant, Ezekiel Odeh, visits rural Gidankureni Village in eastern Kano State on livestock feed finishing impact data collection.

  • We capture Ezekiel’s interview and observations with farmer Abdul Hamid Uba, a first time participant in GEMS1’s 2013 livestock feed finishing campaign… more

  • We also observe Ezekiel’s interview and observations with paravet Abdullahi Panda who has participated in GEMS1 livestock feed finishing campaigns for 2012 and 2103… more